Experienced federal prosecutor Rollins seen as the right choice for our communities

ICYMI: Democratic Leaders Targeting CA-41 as Top Pickup for 2024

Nov 13, 2023

November 13th, 2023

Coby Eiss
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ICYMI: Democratic Leaders Targeting CA-41 as Top Pickup for 2024

CORONA, C.A. — National Democratic leaders and groups continue to identify California’s 41st Congressional District as one of the party’s top offensive opportunities for 2024.

“I’m deeply humbled by the support — and agree with Democratic leaders that our district is a ripe opportunity for success next Fall,” said Rollins. “Across our Riverside County communities, voters are now acutely aware that Ken Calvert’s extremism means less economic opportunity, less bodily autonomy, and less affordable healthcare for thousands of families and seniors. Next year, we’re going to send Calvert packing, and replace him with representation that puts people over politics.”

In a recent interview with Punchbowl, Leader Jeffries pointed to California’s 41st District as a top red-to-blue opportunity.

In a memo released following last Tuesday’s elections, House Majority PAC identified California’s 41st District as one of the best opportunities to flip a seat from red to blue in a district narrowly carried by Donald Trump in 2020.

Leader Jeffries and House Majority PAC’s attention to California’s 41st District follows a number of national forecasters signaling a highly competitive race in this district in 2024:

  • Over the summer, the Cook Political Report moved CA-41 from “Lean Republican” to “Toss Up.”
  • Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report called CA-41 a “ticking time bomb” for Republicans.
  • In its initial power rankings list, the National Journal ranked CA-41 as one of the 15 seats most likely to flip parties in 2024.


Will Rollins is a Palm Springs resident and Southern California native. A former federal counterterrorism prosecutor, he is now running for Congress in California’s 41st Congressional District.

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