Let’s kick out extreme politicians like Ken Calvert who spread the big lies and elect a new generation of leaders willing to save our democracy.

I became a national security and terrorism prosecutor because of 9-11.  I wanted to help keep America safe.  But over my career, I’ve seen the threats to our country change.  Today, some of our biggest threats are right here at home, as people become radicalized by conspiracy theories and QAnon lies that spread across social media and echo on Fox News.  I have been on the front lines in the fight against extremism, helping to prosecute those who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6th and QAnon conspiracy theorists.

This is a systemic problem.  Extremists, Big Tech and media outlets are profiting from spreading division based on lies, even as they erode our democracy and make it easier for adversaries like China and Russia to exploit us.  But I have a specific plan to stop it:

  • Update regulations to break down information bubbles and propaganda networks.
  • Require Big Tech, cable news and talk radio to provide transparency in their advertising.
  • And create a modern Fairness Doctrine so all of us can actually learn about both sides of an issue.

If Americans can start agreeing on basic facts again, we can start working together to tackle the big issues of our generation: reforming our criminal justice system, improving access to health care, growing our economy and protecting our planet.

That’s why I’m running for Congress.

-Will Rollins, Democrat for Congress

About Will Rollins

Will is a former federal prosecutor who focused on counterterrorism and counterintelligence cases in Southern California. He’s from a family of Republicans and Democrats and is running for Congress because the attack on the U.S. Capitol underscored why America needs a new generation of leaders to end toxic divisions that threaten our democracy and prevent us from solving problems together.

Will & Paolo with their niece and nephew.

After attending Dartmouth and Columbia Law School, Will clerked for two federal judges in California. He began tackling injustice as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, protecting the public from white-collar criminals, including a Ponzi scheme organizer who defrauded dozens of seniors out of their retirement savings, as well as a corrupt physician who sold opiates for cash. Will later joined the Terrorism and Export Crimes Section of the National Security Division, where he prosecuted an electrical engineer for conspiring to send microchips with missile guidance applications to China, Iranian nationals for violating U.S. sanctions on Tehran, a reported QAnon follower for an attack at the Port of Los Angeles, and some of the insurrectionists who attacked the US Capitol on January 6th.

Coming of age at a time when being gay was literally a crime in some states, Will and his partner Paolo know that government-sponsored discrimination has lasting effects on all Americans, our economy, and our national security. That has motivated Will to improve the lives of others who face discrimination. Will’s mother and father, a public defender and journalist, respectively, stressed the importance of justice and free speech at a young age. His parents taught him that although the system may not be perfect, every generation has a responsibility to improve it. With this lesson in mind, Will is running for Congress to serve the 41st district of California and bring justice and accountability back to Washington.

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