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Reforming Immigration

We need comprehensive immigration reform that will secure our country’s borders, create a modern immigration system that reflects American values, provide a pathway to citizenship for qualified immigrants, and support the labor needs of businesses in Riverside County and the U.S.

People who immigrate to our country want a better life for their families, and they’re willing to work hard and do jobs that many Americans don’t want to do – especially as we’re in the midst of a labor shortage. Separating children from their parents at the border was un-American, wrong and a stain on our country. My opponent Ken Calvert has had 30 years in Congress to try to fix our broken immigration system, including when Trump and Republicans had complete control of the government. Sadly, he would rather spew anti-immigrant rhetoric than come up with long-term solutions. 

The United States should reform its broken immigration system by focusing on temporary work permits, payment of taxes, securing the border, and a just and legal path to citizenship for DREAMers and so many others who are contributing to our communities, our economy, and our country.

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