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Strengthen Our Economy and Our Military by Protecting LGBTQ Rights

Ken Calvert is stuck in the dark ages: he believes Americans should be kicked out of the military if they tell anyone that they’re gay, that transgender Americans should be banned from the military, and that employers should be able to fire you if you’re LGBTQ. His outdated views are not only bigoted, they undermine our economy and national security. 

If you can hold a sniper rifle, fly an F-35, or translate languages critical to national security, what matters is your desire to serve, not whether you’re gay, straight, or transgender. America’s advantage over countries like China and Russia comes in part from both our military and economic strength — and that strength comes from attracting, building, and retaining the best and the brightest through an inclusive and open democracy, not bigotry, ignorance, and laws that suppress human potential.

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