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Improving our Public Education

I’m a proud graduate of California public schools and am grateful to the teachers who supported my learning, growth, and development. I will always advocate for our public education system to ensure all our students, no matter their family income, have access to great schools and teachers. We owe this to all parents and kids.

My opponent Ken Calvert has been in office for three decades, but only about one in five adults aged 25 and older hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in the Inland Empire, compared to nearly one in three statewide. And we do not have enough job training and apprenticeship programs to support those who do not need or wish to go to college. But again and again, Ken Calvert has voted against federal funding for education in Riverside County.

Any government budget is a reflection of its priorities. We need to send federal representatives to Congress who are going to prioritize strengthening our public education system and expanding opportunities for all kids in Riverside County.

Education Priorities:

  • Expand access to high-quality early childhood education;
  • Expand student loan forgiveness;
  • Invest in K-12 public schools with wraparound support to better serve students from low-income families;
  • Keep schools gun-free zones and make them safer from violence;
  • Ensure every school has a mental health professional;
  • Increase funding for career and technical education programs to better meet the employment needs of Riverside County; and
  • Make community college tuition-free, college more affordable for all students and offer student debt relief to college graduates.

We have an opportunity to improve public education in Riverside by supporting all families and students and schools and teachers. When we succeed, our young people can thrive in jobs in healthcare, technology, agriculture, green energy, tourism and careers in the military, and contribute to the growth and well-being of our communities and country.


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