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Spurring Innovation While Protecting Workers

Since its founding, California has been a trailblazer that has led the world in technological innovation, building a dynamic economy that has expanded access to the American dream to millions on the back of that progress. We must continue that heritage today.

Congress must craft effective and balanced policy that both regulates and shapes technological progress to ensure it strengthens the middle class and protects workers, while not impeding the ability of entrepreneurs and scientists to innovate and spur growth. Emerging industries from artificial intelligence to blockchain technology have the potential to bring prosperity, security, and improved living standards to billions of people worldwide. As with any significant new technology, they also carry risks from misuse, particularly if our country’s adversaries gain the upper hand.

In Washington, I’ll work to pass sensible and even-handed regulations that shape these emerging technologies and ensure they lead to growth and prosperity, while still allowing them to innovate and drive progress forward. I’ll particularly work to keep us ahead of foreign competitors such as China that would use such technology to further their autocratic, repressive vision for the future. And I’ll always fight to protect any workers who might be affected by technological change. With cooperation between policymakers and the private sector toward shared goals, we can craft a future that strengthens our communities and families and ensures these technologies are used for the greater good.

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